No office in China? think outsourcing.

You are thinking about producing in China? outsourcing with a local agent is probably a good solution.

Relying on a local support may be of very importance if you don’t want to see your costs skyrocketed instead of seeing then improved. Indeed, the additional costs of a “wrong” sourcing can be very high:

  • Multiple travels to China
  • Quality issues
  • Delays in production
  • Issues with the conformity of the delivery
  • Issues with the conformity with the regulations of your country

All of these can be really costly and getting the support of a local agent can save you a lot of money and headaches.

The agent has generally a deep understanding of the production in China and will help you to find a factory that fits your need, he will assess the potential risks and follow-up the production to avoid workmanship and functional issues, he will verify that all the certificates complying with the regulations of your country are available and valid, and he will keep a close communication with the supplier to maintain the delay of delivery and/or react quickly in case of problem.

The agent will report transparently about the situation and about any information that can be collected. A good agent acts as a consultant in immersion in your organization providing good insights and advice for your interests only. He knows very well how it works in China, he knows the constraints, the opportunities, the weaknesses and the strengths, he will help you to anticipate and avoid big surprises.