Since 2011 we support buyers to import goods from China.

Sourcing, Projects & Production Follow-Up

About us

Since 2011, we support companies in purchasing, monitoring the production, developing new products and organizing the export of the goods to their countries. We work on providing comprehensive solutions as suitable as possible based on the clients' requirements.

We provide our service to companies of any size as well as to startup companies. Each business profile has different needs, requirements, and different constraints. and we are here to bring you tailored solutions along with counseling.

You can trust us; we know our stuff! We will try our best to bring the best solution possible! This is our commitment.



  • Products / Manufacturers Research based on clients' needs.
  • Production Audit.


  • Samples collection
  • Prototype

Quality Monitoring

  • Material Control
  • Production Monitoring
  • Final Inspection


  • Custom packaging
  • Assembly

Export Management

  • Consolidation
  • Loading Monitoring
  • Coordination

Communication &

  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Communication support


Parts for Home Appliances

Plush Toys

DIY Art & Leisure

Fitness Equipment

Road Equipment

Police Equipment

Why Working With Us

A dedicated and unique interlocutor

We are a reliable intermediary between your company and the different Chinese manufacturers.Save time and energy by focusing on a single interlocutor.

We don’t sell products, we sell our service

As a purchasing office, our goal is to provide buyers with an efficient and reliable solution that benefits their business.

Focus on what is important

Focus on your business, your sales, design, and marketing. We manage all local tasks such as finding the right manufacturer, development and production follow-up, order tracking, quality and local transport organization.

Meet our founders

Yannick Le Hellaye

Born in 1974, Senior Technician in Electronics, Former Purchasing Manager in the field of components for household appliances.


Born in 1984, Master in Project Management, Official Chinese-French Interpreter.